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16 November 2011

IAAPA snaps from Wednesday Nov 16

Robert Ward. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)
Scott Ault, Greg Lombardo & Jonathan Casson of BRC Imagination Arts. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)

Maris Ensing & Tricia Rodriguez of Mad Systems visit the InPark booth. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)
Meeting at the JRA booth. From left: Keith James, Matthew Wheeler and Randy
Smith of JRA, plus Larry Wyatt of MSI Entertainment Design.
Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)
Dan Jamele of Media Mation with Janine Baker and Goedele Gillis from nWave Pictures. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)
Jonathan Casson & Tisa Poe at the BRC booth. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)

Steve & Lisa Thorburn of Thorburn Associates with Christine Kerr of BaAM Productions, at the TEA members' meeting. Photo: IPM (Judith Rubin)