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14 January 2011

Christopher Reyna’s festival-filled year: helping create quality cinema experiences at TCM, Doha Tribeca and Telluride

Open Air Theater, Doha Tribeca Film Fest. Photo: Doha Film Institute
Judith Rubin, InPark contributing editor

For the past several years, Christopher Reyna of New Paradigm Productions has been imaging producer for the nonverbal film Samsara - a sequel to Baraka - working with producer Mark Magidson and director/cinematographer Ron Fricke. Between Samsara production episodes, Reyna has pursued a variety of projects that involve his technical and archival expertise and general passion for great cinema. Most recently, he played a role in shaping two new and noteworthy film festivals. For Turner Classic Movies' first TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood April 22-25, 2010, he was co-technical director with Boston Light & Sound, brought in by BLSI’s Chapin Cutler. For the Second Annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Oct 26-30 in Quatar, Cutler again recruited Reyna, this time as technical liaison. This kept him busy in the Mideast much of the time between July 2010 and November 2010, with a break for the Telluride Film Festival (Sept 3-6, 2010) where Reyna is a longtime player - Telluride honored him with the Silver Medallion Award in 1998.

It was a welcome surprise to get a catch-up call from Reyna now that he’s come up for air and back at his headquarters in Paso Robles, California...   Read the full story here.