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31 January 2011

Photo Memories of Expo 2010 (Martin Palicki)

From IPM editor Martin Palicki
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA -- With a giant winter storm set to pummel the Midwest, I'm sitting here reflecting on the humidity and warmth of Shanghai this past summer during the Expo. I thought it might be fun to pull out some of the photos from that most interesting of events.

Australia's entertaining theater-in-the-round.

Hungary's unusual lumber-heavy pavilion.

The entertaining "falling balls" show at the Shanghai Corporate pavilion.

IPM writer and photographer Ed Wills poses on one of the medal stands from the Vancouver Olympics.

Artsy-architectural excessiveness at the Oil pavilion.

Inside Spain's pavilion.

LED-enhanced aluminum bamboo

More LEDs, this time around the highways circling the expo.

Exterior of the Oil Pavilion

Exterior of the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion

The iconic China National Pavilion

Of course, no Chinese photo-review would be complete without some mention of the.....interesting.....Chinese to English translations that occur.
Unusual Chinese concept of US geography (though, really, how many American's could place Chinese cities on a map? Most probably couldn't even locate China!)

1000RMB for a night with a Russian bartender is actually kind of a good deal.

My favorite "version" of the Expo's theme BETTER CITY, BETTER LIFE.

Kids wonder where babies come from. Now we can at least tell them that they grow from a steady supply of milk.