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20 January 2011

Do you know what an Antikythera mechanism is?

I just finished watching the National Geographic Channel's "Naked Science" show detailing the ancient Antikythera mechanism. The show features Mad System's Maris Ensing helping to recreate a working model of the astronomical device created by ancient Greek civilizations.

The show is educational and fascinating all at once. Interviews with and clips of Maris building the model at the Mad System's studios is interspersed with information from noted historians and astronomers who help to deduce the device's intended uses and appearance.

If you missed the show tonight, you still have a couple of chances left to see it in the next few days (which I highly recommend you do!)....

Sunday, January 23rd, 1pm (PST)
Thursday, January 27th, 1pm (PST)

Check your local listings for your National Geographic Channel number.

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