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28 December 2010

Martin Palicki Appears on Season Pass Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a Season Pass Podcast discussion about the most memorable moments from 2010. We also talked in great detail about Shanghai Expo 2010. If you listen to the podcast, I clearly come across as the right-wing Tea Party gun-toting American.

I am SO not that person.

But I do stand by my opinions on the Expo and the disappointment I felt in it. In a digital age where the entire globe is just a few clicks away, I think it's time for World's Fairs to re-evaluate their role. I think an argument could probably be made that the human interaction provided by the Expo is even MORE important now, though I don't think Shanghai was a shining example of that.

As a side note, I'd also like to mention that all of my fellow panel guests make a living, at least in part, from working on Expo related projects.

Check out the podcast through this link: