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13 October 2008

Halloween a la Six Flags

I made the "pilgrimage" to Six Flags Great America this weekend for their annual Fright Fest event. I know this isn't "news", but I have to comment on the blatant greed at work in this company. Maybe it's really more of desperation. Paying $15 for parking is already outrageous for an event that only lasts for 6 hours (Friday night operation), but to ask for $25 for the "better", closer to the entrance parking didn't sit well with me. Talk about bad first impressions...

Having worked several years at the park, I really find Fright Fest to be the most enjoyable time of year. It was delightful to be back in the park, enjoying the same sights and smells of years past.

I'm not sure if regular guests find that to be as enchanting, or rather wish that there were more new things to do at the park. It's clear, though, that not much has changed in the interim years I have been gone. Again, maybe customers like that reliability factor. But I would prefer to see some more innovation. And less price gouging.